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FreefileSync is an open-source and free application used for online file synchronization. It's available on both Windows Mac and UNIX. The application can sync to FTP, SFTP, MTP and CVS devices. The software is based on the Free Software Foundation's FFS which enables offline storage of data across the internet.

FreefileSync does not require any user interaction in order to synchronize your data. It just needs a computer with an internet connection and Freefile synchronization software installed in it. The software takes care of the entire procedure for you, all you need to do is to select a schedule of when to sync the files and the software will do the rest. The software works as a cloud storage client. All that is needed from your end is a good internet connection and the software, with its simple configuration settings, can synchronize all your important data to a remote location or your own computer.

Freefilesync also lets you create and manage multiple folders with the same software application. It also includes a powerful address list system to let you know which user has edited a particular folder or file. You also have the ability to synchronize to an online backup service without having the free Dropbox application installed on your system. FreefileSync can be used along with other free ware tools such as Carbon Copy Pro and Duplicate Filemerge to accelerate the process of backing up and synchronizing files.

by ZenJu
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